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2022 Webinars Series 


In 2020 the International Perforating Forum (IPF) started a new initiative: The IPF Webinars. This initiative lead by the Continuing Education Chair of the IPFC has the mission to disseminate technical knowledge about Perforating to the industry professionals and students. 

The webinar is an excellent way to connect to industry professionals and share knowledge.

We are looking for presenters for the 2022 Webinars. If you are interested in presenting one of our webinars, we would love to hear from you. 

Please contact us at webinars@perforators.org and tell us more about the topic you would like to present.

Thank you,

Carlos Guedes.
Chair, IPFC Continuing Education

Perforating Safety

Safety is at the core of IPF’s mission. One of our main goals is to promote new technologies that will offer opportunities for improved safety and increased operational efficiency. This is applicable to explosives used in oil and gas producing operations, and more specifically to the use of explosives inside a wellbore. The IPF Safety Chair’s goal is to collect and review incidents and near miss reports related to explosives and associated surface equipment used in oil and gas producing operations electric and electronic detonators, percussion initiators, igniters, delay devices, ballistic transfers, addressable (digital) firing systems and surface equipment associated with the perforating systems. The purpose is to prevent inadvertent and unintentional detonation of explosives, help minimize risks and reduce explosive accidents to zero.


The International Perforating Forum has given Lifetime, Safety and Industry awards to professionals in recognition of their contributions to the Perforating Industry. 

About IPFC

The International Perforating Forum (IPF) was created in 2008, as an independent forum for the advancement of the well perforating technology. The first International Perforating Symposium (IPS) was organized in Houston in 2008, and it successfully lead to the next International Perforating Symposiums held biannually in different international locations, such as: Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Bogota and Muscat, organized by IPF Executive and Regional Committees. In 2015, the IPF became a nonprofit organization incorporated in Houston, Texas, under the name of “International Perforating Forum Company” (IPFC).

Over 12 Years of International Symposia 

You may access presentations and pictures from all of our previous international symposia. 

Official Sponsors IPS 2021/2022

Our events wouldn’t be possible without the support of our Sponsors, to whom we would like to extend our deep appreciations. 


We would like to recognize all authors whose articles have been published in the JIPF since its inception in 2016.  Principal authors include:

2020 JIPF Issue Carlos Vega Ortiz, John McLennan, Ian Walton, Ryan Brady, Andreas Zemla, Liam McNelis
2018 JIPF Issue : Dennis Baum, Mark Brinsden, Jacob McGregor, Justin Erdmann, Shaun Geerts, James Kinsey, Jeff Wood
2017 JIPF Issue : Rajani Satti, Derek Bale, Stephen Zuklic, Nils Koliha, Ryan Jew, Bernd Crouse, David Freed, Derek Bale, Rajani Satti
2016 JIPF Issue : Shaun Geerts, Michael Du, Oliver Han

The recent disruption to industry forums is now behind us, and we are pleased to announce that  the Journal of the International Perforating Forum is currently in the production process; aiming for publication in the first quarter of 2022. As a reminder, you are always invited to submit articles for publication consideration, here https://perforators.org/jipf/journal-ipf-submission-form/.  Articles are accepted 24/7/365, regardless of the current issue publication cycle.

Latest Publications

First IPF webinar, presented by Mark Brinsden- Vektor Energy, Inc., President of IPFC

Using The Revised And Improved API19B To Enhance Your Perforating Performance- Mark Brinsden, Vektor Energy Inc., President of the IPFC         For many years, the benchmark for indicating perforation performance in the [...]

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