SPE 180668 Expanding the Reach of Wireline Perforating
SPE 172553 Perforating Strategy Change in High Deviated and Horizontal Wells in North Kuwait – Tractor Conveyed Perforations in Kuwait
SPE 169322 Wireline Perforating Technology Maximizes Well Productivity and Reduces Operational Risks
SPE 168187 Perforating Monobore Completions Offshore: An Efficient, Safe and Optimal Approach 
SPE 152990 A Coil Tubing Perforating Solution Incorporating a Gun Deployment System and Dynamic Underbalance Technique Improves Well Production in High Angle Deep Gas Wells in Saudi Arabia
SPE 135945 Combining and Customizing Technologies for Perforating Horizontal Wells in Algeria
SPE 101278 New Perforating Technique Improves Well Productivity and Operational Efficiency
SPE 84910 A Step Change in Perforating Technology Improves Productivity of Horizontal Wells in the North Sea
IPTC 14300 A Combination of Perforating Technologies to Maximize Well Productivity and Minimize Rig Time