Session 1: Explosives Safety.

RIPS-17-01 API RP67 Oilfield Explosive Safety: Development of Proposed Changes to the 4th Edition  Martin Rylance (BP Russia) 

RIPS-17-02 Carbon Monoxide Hazards from Perforating During Plug and Abandonment Operations Andrey Kunitsyn (Halliburton) 

RIPS-17-03 Perforation Safety – Priority or Nuisance? Or…why isn’t the industry demanding more? Rustam Aliyev (DynaEnergetics) 


Session 2: Perforating Dynamics.

RIPS-17-04 Dual-Gradient Drilling: The future of offshore drilling Maria Alexandra Rojas Mikheeva (Gubkin University) 

RIPS-17-05 Configuring Dynamic Underbalance to Achieve Perforation Tunnel Cleanup in a Gas Well at High Static Overbalance Andrey Kunitsyn (Halliburton) 

RIPS-17-06 Combining Extreme Overbalance and Dynamic-Underbalance Perforating Techniques in Ecuador. Kamil Mirzayev (Halliburton) 


Session 3: Solution to challenges.

RIPS-17-07 Cost reduction for well abandonment by using slotted charges for cement squeeze Liam McNelis (DynaEnergetics) 

RIPS-17-08 The role of perforating systems in the development of TRIZ of Western Siberia Vasily Morozov (ZabSib NIIGG) 

RIPS-17-09 Opposite-Paired cumulative perforation with sparing effect to the cement stone Mikhail Krylov (Promperforator) 


Session 4: Perforating Equipment Selection. Explosives Safety.

RIPS-17-10 Cold Forged cases of shaped charge for perforation system Amit Prаkash (Arya Super Auto Forge) 

RIPS-17-11 TOP detonators for TCP jobs Amir Arismetov (Promperforator) 

RIPS-17-12 An Adaptive Shock Absorber for Perforating Gun Shock Vladimir Polukhin (Schlumberger) 


Session 5: Perforator testing.

RIPS-17-13 Perforating with the Deep Well Pump  Kamil Hamzin (Permneftegeophizik) 

RIPS-17-14 Development of ultra-high strength seamless pipes for perforating guns  Maurizio Bellingardi (Tenaris) 

RIPS-17-15 Influence of formation parameters on the perforating result in dependence of the shaped charge type 

Edwin Reek (DynaEnergetics) 


Session 6: Production Cases.

RIPS-17-16 Maximize Efficiency of Coiled Tubing Conveyed Perforation with Advanced Gun Deployment System and Real-Time Correlation in High-H2S/High Pressure Wells Timur Gafiyatullin (Schlumberger) 

RIPS-17-17 Technological aspects of increasing of oil recovery efficiency in Russia Igor Shpurov (Russia State Commission on Mineral Reserves) 

RIPS-17-18 Flexible Module Perforating System. Risk reduction and performance enhancement in perforating-explosive operations 

Andrey Yakuba (BVT) 


Session 7: Quality control.

RIPS-17-19 Optimizing the Gun Building process by using special of Track & Trace software Frank Hirthammer (TTE Europe) 

RIPS-17-20 Detocord comparing by the explosive material form and density. Mikhail Konovalov (Detotex) 

RIPS-17-21 Methods of perforating system shaped charges testing: CC-05 vs. API RR 19b Andrey Yakuba (BVT)