Andrew Pettitt is founder of Dullan Resources Limited, a specialist explosives and perforating consultancy. 

He has held numerous operational, technical and managerial positions since he first joined the industry 40 years ago initially with GeoVann, followed by Schlumberger and the Explosives Consultancy Group. After leaving SPEX in 2019, where he was the Principal Technical Authority in Explosives & Perforating, he founded Dullan Resources to focus on energetics and perforating activities.  

He has extensive experience working in high risk, hazardous environments, particularly HPHT perforating operations and is used to delivering high value, high profile projects on time and with diverse disciplines in multi-cultural environments.  Possesses a wide understanding of energetic and hazardous materials in highly variable working scenarios.  Conversant with a large range of perforating technologies, including shaped charge testing secured in support of both Operators and Service Providers.  

A Fellow and Past President of the Institute of Explosives Engineers and a UK Chartered Engineer since 1994, he is a graduate of the Camborne School of Mines and has Masters degrees from The Royal Military College of Science &Technology in Explosives Ordnance Engineering, and from the University of St Andrews in Terrorism Studies.  He has just completed a PhD at the UK Defence Academy.

He has served on various industry groups, advisory boards and committees, in conjunction with regulatory bodies assisting in formulating long term strategy to establish clear and concise policies for the safety, occupational competency, education and professional standing of those who work with perforating and explosives.  Has contributed to the updates of API RP 19B and API RP 67 as well as BS 5607 in UK.  He is a qualified ISO Lead Auditor

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Phone number: +44 77 11 217742