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Journal of the International Perforating Forum ISSN 2471-9374

John Carminati, Executive Editor, JIPF

Brenden Grove, Executive Editor, JIPF

Call for Articles Deadline: March 15th, 2019

Dear Perforating Colleagues, 

You are invited to participate in the article submission process for the new JIPF issue, as we thought you might be interested in becoming an author for the Journal of the IPF. The JIPF is now at its forth edition and we have noticed an increased interest and value to the perforating community. Submitted articles will undergo a rigorous peer review process to ensure a high standard technical Journal, the goal being to publish high quality, detailed, technical papers relevant to the science of Oil and Gas Industry perforating. You are therefore invited to submit your technical articles here, for publication consideration, now through March 15th, 2019

Thank you in advance, and we look forward  to reviewing your submissions!
Best Regards,
John Carminati and Brenden Grove
JIPF Executive Editors


The Journal of the International Perforating Forum would not be possible without a dedicated network of industry experts to serve as peer reviewers.  We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals who have agreed to serve as technical editors for JIPF.
Achim Pabst                   DynaEnergetics
Adam Dyess                   Hunting Titan
Alex Procyk                    Consultant
Andrew Werner              Schlumberger
Bill Harvey                      Baker Hughes
Bob Haney                      Consultant
Brenden Grove               Halliburton
Caitlin Bowers                Steel Alloys & Svsc
Carlos Bauman              Schlumberger
Chris Chow                    Consultant 
Chris Sokolove               Hunting Titan
Christian Eitschberger    DynaEnergetics
Clinton Quattlebaum       Halliburton
Dan Pratt                        Owen
David Cuthill                   GEODynamics
David Underdown           Consultant
Dennis Baum                  LLNL
Eliana Mandujano           Imporio Media
Frank Preiss                   DynaEnergetics
Gerald Craddock            Halliburton
Hema Prapoo              AH Wireline
James Barker              Halliburton
Jim Gilliat                    Baker Hughes
Joern Loehken            DynaEnergetics
John Carminati            Shell
Lang Zhan                   Shell
Larry Behrmann          Consultant
Lian McNelis               DynaEnergetics
Mark Brinsden            Vektor Energy
Matthew Clay             Owen
Meng Yu                     Shell
Niall Fleming              Statoil
Oliver Han                  Hunting Titan
Osama Hanna           Consultant
Parry Hillis                 Baker Hughes
Rajani Satti                Baker Hughes
Ryan White                Baker Hughes
Shaun Geerts            Owen
Thilo Scharf               DynaEnergetics
Tim LaGrange           Owen

The Journal of the IPF (JIPF) is a Technical and Scientific Journal and will adhere to academic journal rules.

The Journal intends to publish technical articles in the following categories:

  • Dynamics of guns – Dynamic UB/OB/Gun Shock/modelling
  • Charge and gun design
  • Well flow modelling for charge performance
  • Charge testing for charge performance and flow and API testing in general
  • The performance and characteristics of explosives
  • Thermal decomposition – time/temperature – safety and performance of charges and explosive components.
  • Initiation systems, DIDs and other devices including ballistic transfers
  • Gun and charge materials, survivability, swell etc.

The JIPF will not  publish case studies.

If you are interested in publishing your Technical and Scientific work in our next issue, please read carefully The JIPF Copyright Notice and JIPF Author’s Guidelines before submitting your paper. Once submitted, our technical editors will review and contact you soon. For  general inquires, please contact