JIPF Issue 2 Now Available

Dear perforating colleagues,

We are pleased to publish the second issue of the JIPF. We thank everyone who contributed, from authors to editors, for putting a great amount of work into the review process to make sure the Journal contains high quality, detailed technical papers relevant to the Perforating Industry.

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And as always, we invite you to submit your articles for peer review and publication consideration in future issues.

Best Regards,

The JIPF Executive Editors

John Carminati, Executive Editor, JIPF

Brenden Grove, Executive Editor, JIPF

The Journal of the IPF (JIPF) is a Technical and Scientific Journal and will adhere to academic journal rules.

The Journal intends to publish technical articles in the following categories:

  • Dynamics of guns – Dynamic UB/OB/Gun Shock/modelling
  • Charge and gun design
  • Well flow modelling for charge performance
  • Charge testing for charge performance and flow and API testing in general
  • The performance and characteristics of explosives
  • Thermal decomposition – time/temperature – safety and performance of charges and explosive components.
  • Initiation systems, DIDs and other devices including ballistic transfers
  • Gun and charge materials, survivability, swell etc.

The JIPF will not  publish case studies.

If you are interested in publishing your Technical and Scientific work in our next issue, please read carefully The JIPF Copyright Notice and JIPF Author’s Guidelines before submitting your paper. Once submitted, our technical editors will review and contact you soon. For  general inquires, please contact