Young Professionals Committee of the International Perforating Forum Company

July 26 , 2016

At the most recent Executive Committee Meeting for the International Perforating Forum Conference a new Young Professionals Committee was created. The committee discussed the importance of connecting and growing the network of young professionals in order to continue the growth and expansion of the perforating community. I have included a brief mission statement and list of potential activities for this committee to consider. With this being a new group within IPFC the members will be responsible for developing and determining what they, as young professionals, would like to get from the committee and how we as a group can contribute back to the industry.

On behalf of IPF I would like to extend an invitation to all individuals, 35 years of age and under, within the perforating industry to join the Young Professionals Committee in order to make this a successful and beneficial endeavor for all involved. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have regarding this opportunity.

Thank You,

Shaun Geerts

IPFC Young Professionals Committee Chair


Shaun Geerts

IPFC Young Professionals Committee Chair

IPF YP Mission Statement

As part of the International Perforating Forum, the IPF Young Professionals (IPF-YP) mission is to engage a network of young professionals working in the perforating industry through social events and help them develop their professional and technical competence through technical conferences and training courses.

The IPF Young Professionals vision is the development of young professionals who are capable of leading the perforating industry towards better well completions and improved production, in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

IPC Young Professionals Committee Goals and Objectives 

The purpose of the IPF Young Professionals (YP) group would be to recruit and retain a network of younger individuals to advance the oil and gas industry. There is a growing age gap in the industry that will ultimately result in a dramatic shift to younger management as the experienced managers move on.  It is important to keep young professionals interested and engaged in the industry while assisting in passing along the experience and education from the current industry experts.

One of the fundamental foundations for a YP group would be to grow and maintain a level of professional relations amongst the members of our community. The perforating industry is a small, specialized, and very unique sector of the oil and gas community. It is important to maintain a common goal amongst all members of the industry to push the boundaries of technology and grow the industry to a safer, better, and successful future.

While it is not only a key focus of connecting the YP of the industry to the experienced industry members, it is also important to connect them to one another. By offering an environment where YP can network, socialize, and discuss issues relevant to the perforating industry it helps builds relationships with the people you will be involved with for many years to come and potentially throughout their entire career. Additionally, a venue where YP can gather with others in a similar age and experience bracket can allow for them to feel more comfortable with discussing issues within the industry, new ideas, and career issues/growth.

While it is important for the current group of YP, 35 and under, to be learning and connecting with senior industry members they also have a duty to reach out to the next generation. The YP group needs to reach out to students and individuals who are looking to join the perforating industry and begin to build the networking system for information flow.

Potential Activities

Here is a potential list of activities and ideas to grow the Young Professionals Committee.

Offer networking opportunities to develop industry connections”

  • Social Clubs, Happy Hours, Gatherings type events

Grow young professionals’ industry involvement and knowledge

  • Offer half day or one day training courses in topics geared toward YP
  • Offer conference sessions providing advice and insight from leading industry experts
  • Develop professional mentorship programs connecting young professionals with industry experts
  • Connect young professionals to all perforating opportunities
  • Ballistics design, completions, manufacturing, suppliers, service companies, etc.

Connect young professionals to all perforating opportunities

  • Ballistics design, completions, manufacturing, suppliers, service companies, etc.

Offer conference sessions focused on papers authored by young professionals
Grow a collegiate following and work with SPE regional chapters, ISEE student chapters, and other University student chapters that could lead into a career in the perforating/ oil & gas industry.

  • Assisted travel for several students to attend one of the conferences to get them involved
  • Potentially offer scholarships to students pursuing a career in the industry

You want to get involved in the IPF YP Committee, connect with other perforating YP, be a YP Author?