2016 SLAP BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA SESSION I SLAP-16-06_Converging-Perforating SLAP-16-20-Consistent-Hole-Charge-technology SLAP-16-25 Hall Surge Chambers logo tapado SESSION II SLAP-16-05_Switch-Technology SLAP-16-02-Oilfield-Explosive-Safety SLAP-16-16-Selective-Perforating SESSION III SLAP-16-08 Optimizing Fracturing Design SLAP-16-23_Advances-in-the-modeling-of-perforation-entrance-hole-diameter-and-rock-penetration-improves  SLAP-16-19 Engineered Perforating Design SESSION IV SLAP-16-21-Mitigating the Problems in Select-Fire Perforating SLAP-16-03 Improving efficiency and safety in multistage perforating SLAP-16-29 Punzados de Extremo Sobre Balance SESSION VI…


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