We appreciate your keen interest in the IPS 2024 (International Perforating Symposium) Sponsorship Program!

Since 2008, our International Perforating Symposiums have flourished, thanks to the steadfast support of our esteemed Special Sponsors. We extend our sincere appreciation for championing our initiatives in advancing technology and science within the perforating industry.

Various sponsorship levels are at your disposal, providing you and your company the opportunity to customize your support and deeply engage within our global scientific community. If you are inclined to become a Sponsor, we invite you to choose a payment method by completing the form below. Our IPS 2024 Sponsorship Chair is poised to promptly reach out to you, ensuring a seamless and personalized sponsorship experience.

Your collaboration will not only elevate the success of IPS 2024 but also position your company as a key contributor to the advancement of technology in the perforating industry.

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