Regional Committees

Regional Committees

IPF Regional Committees

IPS- Regional Committee -North America
AAPS- Regional Committee – Asia Pacific
MENAPS- Regional Committee -Middle East
IPS- Regional Committee -Europe
SLAP Regional Committee -Latin America

Hanaey Ibrahim Email

Hanaey had graduated in 1985 and has 30 years experience in offshore and land oil fields. He worked with GUPCO/AMOCO, ZADCO, SHELL and is currently working with PDO. His interest in perforation started with GUPCO, performing more than 120 perforation jobs. He designed one of the early extreme over balance jobs using nitrified acid in 1996. His reseat in the Flowing Under Balance has been documented by SPE paper and IPS presentation. Hanaey is one of the steering committee members in API RP-67, OTC, IPF and Co chair in section I of API RP -19B and MENAPS. He is part of Shell Global Perforating team and Subject Matter Expert

Dario Lattanzio Email

Dario Lattanzio is ETASA Technology Vice-President. More than 20 years involved in Shaped Charges, Perforating Systems and their accessories. His work at ETASA is to search needs from the field in order to develop new products. Permanently involved in manufacturing process development. Participating as member of API19b Section II sub-committee. As a representative of ETASA, always involved in the relationship with research organizations such as Universities, National Center for Nuclear Activities (CONEA), National Center for Airspace Activities (CONAE), Industrial Technology National Institute (INTI). Representing ETASA in different associations; Board Member for the former Association of Industrial Producers, and Users of Pyrotechnics and Explosives for Civil Use (AICUPEA); Actually President of Argentinean Group of Petroleum Industry Suppliers (GAPP).

David Ayre Email

John P Davidson Email

John’s 35 years of industry experience began in the US, continued to the middle east and SE Asia with Dresser/Western Atlas as a Completion Engineer.  In 1992, he transitioned to a position as a Well Site Manager for Unocal Thailand and currently consults for the Chevron Completion Engineering group in Bangkok.  Chevron Thailand currently drill over 500 wells annually and perforate >40,000 ft per year. His responsibilities include his role as cased hole logging and perforating SME, electricline contract management and the maintaining the CH-OH Composite log he developed in 2005 as well as the Automated Cement Evaluation Scorecard he developed in 2010.  John is published with “Chevron’s Clear Leader” magazine, SPE and SPWLA and is active in the International Perforating Forum and API subcommittee.

Eelco Bakker Email